Fife Music School

Who we are:

Fife Music School is a new organisation currently growing our offering of one-to-one lessons, music groups and classes. A collective of highly-experienced local musicians and teachers come together to offer quality musical experiences.

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New music classes starting August 2021

We are delighted to announce our weekly Foundation Music Classes for primary 1 and primary 2 children, beginning on Saturday 21st August. In these classes, highly-experienced professional musicians will lead activities aimed at helping your child to develop their musical creativity and skill.

Children will take part in fun activities such as singing, games and physical activities to help them develop an understanding of the fundamentals of music such as beat, rhythm and pitch. These classes will provide the perfect foundation for beginning to learn an instrument, whilst also helping with all-round development.

The school year defines each class, allowing for a close integration with the skills being developed through formal schooling, so learning is tailored to suit each child’s age and stage. Classes take place at Linktown Church, Kirkcaldy, and all equipment is provided.